Canadian Physio in Perth

I feel really awful for not writing a blog post in so long, but it has been crazy busy since landing in Australia. I know people have been wanting an update, so I’ll try give a brief one as well as what workout program I’ve been doing since being down here.

What I am actually doing: I am doing another Master’s in Physiotherapy, but this one is specializing in Clinical skills, specifically Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. The program used to be called Master of Manipulative Therapy, and then Master’s of Manual Therapy, but they have since moved away from these titles in light of the direction physiotherapy has been headed in. I hope to write another blog post soon about that direction, and where the “hot topics” of physio literature are right now, but for now I’ll stick to my Aussie land update J.

Why I am here specifically: The reason I came here for the program is because Australia tends to be on the forefront of research, and from my own experience Canada has been a couple years behind. In addition, when I came here in December it was to explore Perth and see if I liked Curtin as a University, and if the program seemed like a good fit- it was a yes to all of these. I really like that I can buckle down and get this Masters degree under my belt in under a year, and I get to do it in such a cool city. Perth still reminds me of a tropical, way less busy Vancouver. The program also allows you to become a “titled” physiotherapist in Australia, meaning you have a specialization/designation in musculoskeletal (manual therapy in Canada) skills. This allows you to join with IFOMPT (International federation of manual physical therapists), which is a worldwide organization of practitioners who are specialized in these skills. In Canada, this translates to FCAMPT. It basically means you have extra training and skills in the clinical area of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

School so far: School has been awesome; I’ve actually been enjoying the research portion (We are currently looking at physical activity and how it relates to pain perception). It has been hugely useful getting to be in a cadaver lab again, and once again it’s so awesome getting to meet people from all over the world.

What workout am I doing: My 10km-running program has finished, and so I’ve started the SportMedBC “Learn to run 10km faster” program, which has been the BEST seeing as I get to run all along the river every morning as the sun comes up. Vancouver people, picture a warm, sunny, and basically empty sea wall.

Why it’s necessary for me to be working out: Perth still has the all time best food festivals! They had a Pork and Cider festival a few weeks ago (all the barbecue and beer and cider), and last week my dear friend Sophie and I went for all you can eat tacos at a live music event. Needless to say it was a great night. There’s also a Noodle Market on this whole week – ALL the different types of Asian food you could ever imagine! with a beer garden, of course, because it’s Australia. I also find that I still have free time in the evenings, so I’ve been doing even more cooking and baking than usual- be prepared to start seeing some recipes pop up on the blog soon 🙂

In summary: I am safe, happy, and loving my career and current student lifestyle. If you need a new running program definitely give this one a try. I’m mixing it in with my usual HIIT resistance workouts as well, which hopefully I’ll post about soon!

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