The easiest HIIT workout

^Special shoutout to my darling buddy Wilder demonstrating perfect cycling technique!

I am back in Canada and back in the swing of things! Writing about Australia was fun, but I’ve been so excited to write this blog post ever since I first started to seriously think about putting the inner workings of my mind on the Internet.

**Side note**every time I talk about writing my blog I think about that episode of The Office where Creed wants to start a blog and so Ryan just opens a Microsoft Word document for him to write in. I am now laughing really hard as I write this so here’s a link as a hilarious reminder, or for anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about.

Anyways! Since being back home I’ve been welcomed by ice, freezing rain, and wind storms. As a result my running has taken a bit of a back seat. There’s no doubt it can be difficult to run in the winter in Canada, so it seems like the perfect time to debut my alternate cardio workout. If the weather is being particularly disgusting, or I am dealing with an injury, I love having the option of using this HIIT workout. It happens to be my most prescribed cardio program for patients/friends/family members/random strangers I speak to long enough.

I know I’ve talked about the benefits of HIIT workouts before, but they really are amazing. The reason HIIT workouts are so loved is because they require much less of a time commitment, and people tend to enjoy them more. There is a bit of a debate in the literature/research on whether there is a significant difference in aerobic capacity or weight loss when compared to steady state exercise, but if you are enjoying it more, you’re more likely to continue it. It’s an added bonus that you know you are getting the same benefits as steady state exercise but in a less amount of time. The workout I’m going to share with you takes 22-28 minutes depending on your fitness level.

I don’t remember the exact article I came across in physio school that described this workout, but it was called the “3-2-1” HIIT. The concept is very simple and easy to implement, which is probably why I like it so much. You are training for 30, 20, and then 10 seconds of a minute. The 30-second interval is easy, relaxed pace. The 20-second interval is moderate, and the 10-second is an all out sprint, giving it everything you got. You do this cycle 5 more times (6 minutes total), rest/slowly walk for a minute, and then repeat the cycle. Beginners should start with 2 cycles, and if you have a bit of cardio training already than you could start at 3 cycles. Either way, include a 5- minute warm-up and cool down for safesies please!

The all-time best feature of this program is that you can apply it to any cardio activity. I’ve used this bad boy running, on the elliptical, swimming, cycling, rowing, skipping, and on the stair master. It is so versatile based on what you have available! In addition, you are fully in charge of how hard you go, so this easy little program is awesome for the absolute beginner or the athletic genius. When I rolled my ankle playing soccer and couldn’t run, I was able to keep up my fitness level by switching to non-weight bearing forms of cardio by using this workout.

If you can commit to even just 12-minutes, 3 times a week, you’ll be making a positive impact on your health and happiness. Once you’ve performed this workout for 2 weeks, add in the third cycle.

See below for an easy summary of said program!

End of Creed Thoughts.


 3-2-1 HIIT


5 minutes 6 rounds, x 2-3 5 minutes
Warm up 30 seconds- EASY PACE


20 seconds- MODERATE


10 seconds- ALL OUT


Cool down


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