Surprise! I’m on my way to Australia!  I’m doing a month long certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Perth, Australia.

Image result for cottesloe beach perth

I’ve had a lot of patients ask why I am doing more schooling, and what this certification means. As a physiotherapist, we are educated as general therapists. You can go into neuro, cardiorespiratory, womens health, pediatrics, orthopedics, sports, even wound care. Depending which route you want to go down professionally, your education is never really finished, or at least it shouldn’t be. There are always new things to learn about the human body. I truly believe it’s like anything, and when you stop learning you stop growing individually and professionally.

I chose manual therapy as a “specialty” because I like that you can still treat a wide range of conditions and populations while still being specialized and sought out for your skills. Manual therapy is a general term to describe mobilization or manipulation of soft tissue and joints. It is used to restore motion, prevent injury, and treat pain. The course I’m taking is a condensed certification that goes over assessment, treatment and management of wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

That’s all the serious talk out of the way; I’ll be posting mostly personal updates on my trip as often as I can on here.

My goals:

  • learn a ton about my favorite topic
  • make friends around the world
  • meet 0 snakes.
  • Go surfing
  • Meet 0 sharks.

Follow my instagram @kcphysiotherapy_  where I’ll be posting on my story!

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